Signs it’s Time to Call a Tree Removal Service in Plano, Texas

Trees can be a significant asset to any landscape, but if they aren’t well cared for they can also pose certain risks. When a tree becomes diseased, for example, it can affect its structural strength and lead to dangerous situations. Disease isn’t the only reason to have a tree removed, though; read on to find out about a few other reasons that merit calling a Tree Removal Service in Plano Texas.

Too Large

If a tree grows too large for its location, there will eventually come a day when property owners will have to choose between removing it and risking damage to surrounding trees, plants, and structures. If the tree is located near a home or an outlying structure it’s best to remove it as soon as this issue becomes apparent, as this can help to reduce the chances of injury and property damage.

Interference with Utility Lines

It’s never a good idea to plant trees near power lines, yet many property owners do just that. What they’re failing to take into account is the fact that even if the tree can be planted in that location without interfering with utility lines, it will still be sure to cause problems as it begins to grow and thrive. Sometimes individual branches can be removed, but most of the time, trees that are growing beneath or close to power lines will have to be removed.

Foundation Problems

It should be unsurprising that large trees require similarly large root structures, yet many property owners plant trees close to their homes. This can lead to foundation damage if the roots are able to grow too close to the house. There’s no sense in risking the structural integrity of a home for even an exceptionally beautiful tree; after all, a new tree could be planted in a more convenient location, but it would cost a fortune to have the entire home rebuilt.

New Construction

Not all tree removals are cause for stress; sometimes, new construction necessitates the removal of a tree as well. Whether property owners need to have one tree removed or many in order to accommodate their new structures, they should be sure to enlist the help of a qualified tree removal service to ensure that the job gets done right.

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